Rik Mellor MSc. GSR. Biomechanics Lecturer & Researcher (+triathlete)

" For years I have not only learnt about the body, it's structure, it's function, how to test it and what to look for when it goes wrong - but also about how to improve the situation. I've known Andy Brodziak as a colleague and now friend for a number of years and he is the only professional I know who has brought everything together for me with regards to my training/rest/dietary needs and he is guiding me through a Half Ironman triathlon later this year. "

Pro Triathlete - Nick Saunders

"I have worked with Andy over the last couple of years and found it to be beneficial to my improvement as a Pro triathlete. He has helped with my strength and core fitness which has helped with my rigorous training regime. My advice to anyone no matter what level they are is to make sure they do strength and core conditioning, it will benefit you in the long term whether you are a sportsperson or not, and if you are a sportsperson it will help you in whatever sport you choose to do. "

Lil Houghton Associate Director

"The results speak for themselves – not only have I achieved some previously unattainable PBs in my triathlons, I have also completed a 1,500km cycle ride in only 5 days. Andy's incredibly patient coaching, enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge have been integral to this success. Our training sessions are always tough but most importantly, we always have a good laugh. Andy has the amazing ability to remember exactly what else is going on in my life at work or at home. He is, in my opinion, the best trainer you could have !"

Kate Dowman - Recruitment

'Every week I thank my lucky stars (post training!) that I discovered the gem that is Andy. At the turn of the New Year I decided I wanted to 'get friendly' with running so that it became a joy in my life rather than something to dread. I can honestly say that without Andy I would not have been able to achieve this goal. Andy is like a breath of fresh air in terms of his attitude and approach. To say I would recommend him would be an understatement.'

Peter Whelan

"I turned to Andy for guidance in putting together a monthly training programme after a major operation and several years of a confused training programme had burnt me out.A year later are showing the wisedom an experience of his approach. I am far healthier than I have been for years and have learnt to train in a way that does not stress my body. As an elite triathlete Andy knows what works but has the patience to guide you through what you should be doing. He is one of the best around."

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